See what our attorneys have to say about Curtis


Stanford Law School, J.D.
University of Southern California, M.B.T.
California State University, Los Angeles, B.A.

"Curtis is a very special place. From the minute I walked in the door as a 1L summer associate, I could sense the enthusiasm and passion the attorneys have for their work. The partners are approachable, friendly, and take a sincere interest in the associates both professionally and personally. Furthermore, the projects are interesting and varied and hands-on experience starts from day one."


Harvard Law School, J.D.
Wesleyan University, B.A.

"The small teams at Curtis mean that my work is always substantive and essential. Since day one, my more senior colleagues have included me in important discussions and sought my perspective. I feel that my experience here has been much more engaged and rewarding than what many of my classmates have encountered at larger firms. Curtis really is a special place, where you feel like a professional, not a number."


Stanford Law School, J.D.
Hamilton College, B.A.

"As I've progressed from being a summer associate to a partner at Curtis, one of the things I've been most impressed with and have tried to foster is the superb training Curtis associates enjoy. Starting at the most junior levels, Curtis associates work on complex and challenging assignments as a matter of course. This, combined with direct contact with partners, drive our associates to sharpen their skills early on and provide a foundation for them to continue to perform at high levels throughout their careers."


New York University School of Law, J.D.
Cornell University, B.A.

"As a litigation associate at Curtis, I have gained a significant amount of substantive experience in a short period of time. I have participated in multiple client meetings, helped prepare numerous witnesses for deposition and cross-examination, taken a deposition, second chaired several depositions, and traveled internationally. Moreover, I have gotten the opportunity to work on a wide array of cases in different practice areas, including antitrust, securities, international arbitration, employee benefits, bankruptcy, and pro bono. The breadth and depth of my experiences so far at Curtis have helped to exponentially improve my lawyering skills."


Yale Law School, J.D.
University of California, Berkeley, B.A.

"The truly unique aspect of life at Curtis is how so much of the work has an international component, from corporate deals to international arbitrations. As a first-year associate, you are given the freedom and flexibility to cultivate your own practice, which means that you gain exposure to a broad range of fields, a learning experience enhanced by the firms courteous and collegial atmosphere. In my short time here, I have already had the opportunity to take part in an international commercial arbitration, investor-state arbitration, litigation, and corporate deals. Curtis gives you the chance to discover your professional interests and then dig in and for those seeking an international environment, the opportunity to use foreign languages and engage with issues of foreign law on a daily basis is exceptional."


University of California, Berkeley,
School of Law, J.D.
University of Southern California,
Price School of Public Policy, M.P.A.
Andrews University, B.A.

"From my first day as a summer associate, Iíve had to the opportunity to work on high-stakes international disputes and transactions with an excellent team of attorneys from all over the world. The learning curve has been steep, but Iíve been fortunate to work with senior partners and counsel who are also great teachers and mentors. Curtis encourages self-initiative and professionalism over micro-management, which means that junior associates can take on significant responsibility from the start. For someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, Curtis is a great place to practice law."


Stanford Law School, J.D.
New York University, B.S.

"Curtis is, right now, the 4th mostdiverse firm in the US, according to the American Lawyer. Yet what attracted me to join Curtis in New York as a summer associate in 1981 was the firm's diversity in even a broader sense. The firm I joined had an intellectual range that marked it out from the rest. Curtis lawyers were not merely technically excellent lawyers and trusted advisors: they had an interest in the UN, human rights, pro bono work and an adventurousness that remains the firm's hallmark today. Nowhere is this more evident than in the firm's international scope. I have been privileged to play a part in the firm's incredible growth in recent years, and am proud that our associates, even during their summer, are as likely to work with other offices as they are with our partners here."


New York University School of Law, J.D.
New York University, B.A.

"As a junior associate at Curtis, I have had the opportunity to work closely with both partners and senior associates on many challenging assignments. These experiences have allowed me to develop substantive experience in a variety of corporate transactions. Since my time as a summer associate, I have been encouraged to take the lead on different assignments, which, combined with the mentorship relationships I have developed through these projects with partners and other associates, have furthered my professional development and expertise."